The ultimate breathable Bandanas for healthy hair

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Smart Designs for Perfect Bandanas.

Super Air-Flow

For maximum air and oxygen flow to your hair


The innovative Ultra-Grip technology gives the best stability to minimize slipping.


Long or short, Breathe’s Bandana will adapt to your hair type

Designed with Super Airflow Technology

To enable your hair to breathe while covered. Oxygen will reach the roots of your hair 90% more than with the traditional cotton bandanas.

Made from Bamboo Fabric

which is naturally breathable and anti-bacterial. Its light weight and smooth feeling with make you forget that your hair is covered

Exchange and Return

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1. Removing the cover or packaging of the products, since those products are intended for personal use in accordance with Article No. 17 of the law and Article No. 13 of its executive regulations.

2. If the product is not in the same condition, it was in at the time of sale.

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